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About Us

We Are Lux

Lux Property Management was founded on the vision of being the most profitable passive investment choice in real estate for homeowners and investors. Using our technology and pricing software to optimize revenue and occupancy we are able to capitalize on revenue in the high season and curb the downside of the dreaded Arizona low season, otherwise known as Summer. Our belief is that we have to be proficient in three key areas in this business; hospitality, preventing issues, and solving issues, and we realize that no two homes and no two guests are the same. Which is why we need to keep our portfolio of homes selective to maintain the highest quality guest experience and homeowner experience across our portfolio.

Being a hospitality company first and foremost, we are always available 24/7 and are here to help with anything our guests or homeowners need day or night. Through our years of experience in the industry we have developed some amazing partnerships and we partner with the best, most trustworthy, and affordable vendors in the industry to pass those savings on to our homeowners. Unlike a lot of other vacation rental management companies we do not incorporate hidden fees or charges that eat into your earnings – we do not charge startup or activation fees, fees to perform preventative maintenance walkthroughs, and we do not charge fees to change batteries or lightbulbs. It is our belief that we are in this together and we only succeed when the homeowner succeeds. So, we have every incentive to take the utmost care of your property and for all intents and purposes consider it our own.

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